: In English, Please...

Aurora By Olds
08-23-04, 09:49 PM
Im yesterday when my 95 aurora hit the speed limiter at WOT, it went into PCM command only 2nd gear when it kicked back on. It also threw DTC 94 (Transaxle Shift Solenoid "A" Ratio Problem). After turning it off and back on again, the problem was gone. Can someone explain to me what this code means, because the service manual is looking like greek to me on this one. The book says the command ratio and the PCM monitored gear ratio not matching will set this code, but I dont understand what it necessarily means....

Anthony Cipriano
08-24-04, 08:49 AM
There is a pressure switch in the transmission that senses the gear selected as a cross check of the solenoid operation to make sure that the solenoids are working correctly and actually making the hydraulic circuit changes to effect the shift. The code means that for a moment the commanded shift solenoid operation did not agree with with pressure switch feedback.

Possibly a solenoid is getting weak and is working intermittantly - or possibly the pressure switch is gettting weak and working intermittantly - or there is a wiring connection problem with an intermittantly loose connection? Or what else?

There are lots of possible reasons for the code to show up. Unfortunately you will be totally guessing as long as it was an intermittant problem and you cannot duplicate the failure. I would drive it and forget about it.