View Full Version : Tried some Mochi. Very odd treat.

04-18-10, 09:43 PM

Pardon my messy desk. I went to Global Foods and bought a Japanese ice cream treat called Mochi. Never tried it before.


There's a gelatin layer that you have to chew threw to get to the soft ice cream core. Its chewy and thick, covered in flour to keep it from sticking to your fingers. Underneath is smooth mango ice cream. Flavors include chocolate, green tea, and strawberry.

Its bizarre and I probably won't buy it again. I'm not sure who thought a chewy exterior would complement ice cream.

04-18-10, 10:43 PM
Having endured all too many Japanese sweets, supposedly treats, I can say I don'y remember liking any of them! I don't remember "mochi" having ice cream in the center, but rather plum paste or some other dissappointing goo. I would say that there is more diversity among sweet treats around the world than any other food. I remember getting my Dad to bring back a commercial bo of Hershey's milk chocolate bars with almonds when he went to the States on business; when you could get them in Brazil t hey were very expensive. Double Bubble chewing gum was another hard to get item. In Brazil all we could get was European style dark chocolat bars which were bitter compared to Herhey's product. However, what Brazil was lacking in chocolat bars it more than made up for with the finest European pastry I have had anywhere, although Paris came close the fine pastries in Sao Paulo were in a league of their own!

04-18-10, 11:36 PM
Maybe sprinkle some bacon bits on it?.

04-19-10, 05:37 PM
that sounds and looks awful.. I generally as a rule, stay away from Asian sweets. they always disappoint.

04-19-10, 05:42 PM
^ Just like their cars...

04-19-10, 06:14 PM
If Jesda keeps this trend going, pretty soon we're gonna see a thread called "Tried some Hentai. Very odd porn."

04-19-10, 07:40 PM
I played football with a guy named Mochi.

Just checking in to make sure you weren't giving him a try. :suspect:

It appears all is well. Carry on. :salute:

04-20-10, 04:36 AM
Mochi is good... You had ice cream mochi, which I only like the chocolate flavored ones... Mochi is just rice and sugar pounded into a paste and usually a little food coloring to get the different colors.... The more traditional mochi has mashed purple potato and beans inside, kinda flavorless. I can tolerate it but I don't care for it.