: Got the racing bug again

04-18-10, 06:01 PM
Been looking through old post all morning. I think Iím going to do the ground control and the QA1ís. (Jimís got a good right up for the install) Iíve been contemplating lowering the car for some time, but I thought Iíd be racing my go kart more than the car, but I think Iím going to go 50/50. I was a little discouraged after being so far off the pace at my first few autocrosses, but Iím getting a little quicker at each event. Thereís no substitute for seat time.

Went to the ALMís race at Long Beach on Saturday. A friend of mine got me a participant pass (hard card). I was able to be in the pits for practice and walk down the pit lane right before the race. I could go just about anywhere with that pass. The pass is good for both days. I almost regret selling my reserved seats for Sunday. (But then again the IRL qualifying was incredibly boring)

My friend is racing in the Ferrari challenge and is thinking about moving to LMPC. They run stock LS6ís in that class, not the truck motor. :) Got to talk to a few of the drivers and owners and watch some very good racing. It was a very good day. Iím all wound up about racing again. My friend rents out the California Speedway for private events every now and then. Iím hoping to tag along next time and run the V.

04-19-10, 06:50 AM
Sounds like fun.