View Full Version : Really... I'll sell my V too!

04-17-10, 12:29 AM

I wish the KBB on my car was $40! If he gets this I will be throwing my car up for sale too!

04-17-10, 01:24 AM
Wow now I really wish I got an LS2 car! Do they all have that much power!!!lol
"Corvette 6.0 LS 2 engine almost 500 HP stock with 33K miles "

04-17-10, 02:33 AM
common guys the swey Interior is key....................

fugggin tool

04-17-10, 07:55 AM
The V community is about to lose an honest, upstanding member with great speling capabilities.

How sad. :crybaby:

04-17-10, 09:20 AM
Just think what that will do to resell values . . :stirpot:

04-17-10, 09:35 AM
It's better then this one:


Just for giggles, I sent him a note,here is his reply:

Hi there,

The car is still available and the price for the 2005 Cadillac CTS-V
is $3,900. The CTS currently has 54,355 miles and is running perfect.
It's silver grey exterior with black leather interior, 5.7L V8 SFI
engine, manual transmission, navigation, heated front seats, park
distance sensors, premium sounds system, in-dash 6 CD changer, power
seats, power windows. I have always serviced it on time and took
great care of it.

The car is paid off and has a clear title, no lien, has never been
involved in an accident. I recently was promoted and moved to the UK.
The company I'm working for has offered me some advantages as a
foreigner, including a car and an apartment and that's why I can
afford to sell it now so cheap. Forecasting I'm going to work here
for the next two years, I don't want to keep the car as it is
depreciating so I want to sell it fast.

At the moment I am in London and the car is located in Muskegon, MI.
The car is prepared for shipping and shipping costs are included in
the price.

We will use eBay to secure our deal because it protects both the buyer
and the seller. You send the money to eBay and they hold the payment
until the car arrives to you from Muskegon, MI. You have 7 days to
inspect it and I get the money after you make sure everything is OK
and decide to keep it. If you don't like the car and want to return
it, I will pay the return shipping and you will be 100% refunded by
eBay. It's that simple.

If you have the funds available and want to buy it, please reply with
your FULL NAME and YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS to register the sale with
eBay and receive the payment details from them.

Many thanks and have a great day,

PS. The VIN# is 1G6DN56S250125407, if you want to check the Carfax or
Autocheck report.

Is that anyone's VIN ?

04-17-10, 02:05 PM
I saw this last one a few months ago. The Vin checked out in Fresno area. Upon continued research with E-bay, they had no idea what was up and recommended against any further action with this guy. JFTHOI I told him to send whatever I needed to follow up but said I would not pony up any cash until it was a fair or face to face deal. I never heard from him again. I reported it to E-bay as ascamm.