: New here, need some info..

04-16-10, 09:54 PM
Hi all, names Darren and i'm in the market for my first V, i've always loved the V ever since I saw the test drive on hot rod tv in 04, so i've decided to put my 06 GP GXP up for sale to obtain some more muscle. I've been reading the reviews from every year up to 07 and found that a lot of the issues the 04s and 05s had were resolved in 06,like the rear end issue for 1, which has been a weak link since the 4th gen f-bodies. Reading the reviews is kind of steering me away from an 04-05, but these years are more in my price range. I just don't want to end up with a lemon and be driving it to the shop more than driving it to the lake lol. So am I too paranoid about the 04-05? was the 100k warranty offered with these cars in 04-05? What are some of things I should look for and consider when looking for my V? just trying to do my homewor before I buy. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanx in advance!

04-17-10, 02:53 AM
first of all search... THERE ARE at least 100 threads that will answer these questions.. im just tryin to get some good :v:karma for my header install. laugh now but mod hell is a bitch i need all the help i can get

,like the rear end issue for 1, which has been a weak link since the 4th gen f-bodies.

dude what are you talking about.. 4gen F bodys.... & IRS cts V have nothing in common..:bigroll:our getrag diffs were designed for V6 power nuff said...

look don't pusssyfoot around about it.. 346 vs 364cu... not that big of a deal.. most LS6:v:s have had their diff replaced but there are plenty of guys on this forum who flog their :v:s regularly and still are on their first diff..:alchi:

IMO it is all about driver skill.. if you drive with disregard for components you will destroy any car.. test drives are key... if it feels loose... fubar

look for a car with the extended warranty and with a service record provided by the previous owner..(common sense) regardless less of year... unless you really need those radio steering wheel controls and little GM badges

04-17-10, 06:08 AM
Nothing wrong with an '04 or '05 provided it has a Gen III/IV diff.

Assuming you have one of those diffs, if you drive the car so as to cause wheelhop too often, the diff may degrade gradually.

If you can swing a set of aftermarket axles, you can avoid WH 98% of the time.

Since ALL cars have their own unique areas to keep a watch on, likewise you'll have to watch those particular ones on a used V as it ages.

Since you've become acquainted with this forum, the areas you'll have to watch and possibly deal with can be handled just fine with the assistance you'll find here.

Bottom line: DO IT!!!

04-17-10, 09:02 PM
Shadybx7, i know the rear ends are different, i meant GM in general doesn't know how to put a rear end in a car that will handle the power, my 98 ws6 had the same problem, wining etc, had to have it completely rebuilt and no i didn't drive it like a dick. i did look around on the forum and read about some of the problems but that was after i posted so my bad there.

Rand49er, first of all thanx for not trying to make me look like a retard like ^^^, sorry but thats the reason i joined the forum...to learn about the Vs, i 've never owned one so how would i know this what rear end they have?? anyways how would i know if an 04-05 has the gen III or gen IV? like any part on a car it should have a serial #, so what is it and where on the diff would i find it? Also what improvements were made? thanx for the help!

04-17-10, 10:52 PM
a quick search would answer those questions as well...