View Full Version : Cruise control issues

04-14-10, 06:15 PM
Since the day I bought my V last July the cruise control hasn't worked. I hit the power-on button and the yellow light comes on, but it won't set a speed, and the little dash light has never come on.

My first guess was it thought the clutch was depressed. On the MN Fall cruise another guy said his cruise stopped working and it was the clutch switch. Well I finally got around to installing it last night, and it didn't solve the problem. My bad for replacing a part I wasn't 100% sure was the issue. Luckily they are pretty cheap and take just a few minutes to install.

My question is, what else could cause cruise control to turn on but not engage? Wheel speed sensors going bad? The motor that controls the throttle perhaps? Would any of these result in a CEL?

04-26-10, 06:25 PM
Well, even after replacing the clutch position sensor, I still get a CEL code for clutch switch failure. What else could it be besides the sensor going bad? I've double checked that it's plugged in, maybe a wire is cut somewhere?