: Front speakers not working??

04-14-10, 10:20 AM
Lastnight everything was fine but when I got in my Escalade this morning my front speakers are not working. So my turn signals don't make the blinking sound and the chimes don't work. The rear speakers work and so does my front center channel speaker but the front doors speakers and the subwoofer are not working. Any Ideas?

04-14-10, 10:49 AM
Same thing happened several times in my '08 Escalade. I turned the vehicle off and then back on an everything worked fine. Some sort of glitch I suppose. I never took it in to diagnose the problem....just bought a '10 ESV instead (not because of this problem though).

04-15-10, 10:51 PM
Press the OnStar button and listen to see if those speakers start working. If they do, take it to the dealer and have them reprogram everything. Clear the ECU, program the radio and amplifier.

If not, sorry, I have no idea.

04-15-10, 11:56 PM
My mom's '08 Yukon XL Denali does the same thing from time to time. There was a software update applied to it last year and it stopped doing it so frequently but it still does it every couple of months or so. If anybody finds a cure for this or a software update that would be awesome.

04-16-10, 08:49 AM
My '08 has done the same exact thing twice in the last 2 years. First time it fixed itself after restart. The second time it took a couple starts to correct itself. Has not happened since so I have been putting off a trip to the dealer as I know if they can't see the problem for themselves it will never get fixed.

04-16-10, 02:27 PM
Thanks for the replies mine fixed itself also after a few turn off and starts. Do you think when I put it in for service they will be able to track down the problem if it is working properly when I put it it? Also I just bought my Escalade before that I had a Yukon Denali, when you put your Cadillac in for service does Cadillac give you a loaner car? Do they give you a loaner for maintenance or if its in for warranty work or both?

04-22-10, 10:17 AM
Both my 08 Denali, and the Escalade do this. The Denali much more frequently, the dealer cannot find anything wrong with it. It must be a software issue. After a restart they are fine..