: So I did someting Scary last night!

04-14-10, 09:07 AM
About 3/4 of the way down on my driver side C pilliar I had 3 sctraches about an inch and a half long by the back glass from before I bought it. Almost looked like a dog paw had ran accross it. It always bugged me everytime I washed the car. So I took out my handy 2000 grit and WET SANDED it:eek:

I used my Porter Cable and Meguiars M105 followed by M205 and glazed it with Malco Plum Crazy to polish it back out.

Man it turned out like a champ!!:thumbsup:

You can't even tell where I sanded unless you look for the small smooth spot in the paint. I never could understand why Cadillac puts Orange Peel in the paint on purpose. I was told it enhances the shine:confused:

I always thought you wanted a smooth as glass finish.

The Tony Show
04-14-10, 09:18 AM
Nice work. Just an FYI, but on show cars (especially older ones), lack of orange peel is a sure sign that the car's been repainted, and usually worth less.

04-14-10, 05:45 PM
Nice job, PGA. I don't wish to disagree with Tony, On my 68 AMX I have painted that car three times Twice just because I didn't like the PPG, or Crownor Paint. I finely used Glaserate and that
has no Orange Peel in it at all. The paint stands out in the crowd at a car show. I seem to remember a lot of the painters would color sand just to get the orange peel out. I would agree with Tony that
it does say the car has been repainted and is stock. I don't think I have left any of my cars along since I can remember. Just MHO, I could be wrong. Thank you Tony for Your thoughts on the paint and
thanks PGA for yours like wise. Take care