: Vacuum pump

04-13-10, 09:09 PM
First off Hey to all. I have a question for everyone here that has stumped everyone else.

I am not a fellow cadillac owner but do require assistance with one. I have a 92 chevy k1500 that im doing a major engine build own and once complete will not pull enough vacuum to power the brakes.

Ive done alot of research on the net and have learned that 80 and early 90 model cadillacs mainly the FWD models had a electric vacuum pump for the brakes to help the booster.

My salvage yard has a 83 fleetwood brougham and a 93 Deville. From what ive read they both should have one but I can not for the life of me locate it or find it. I even looked on autozone and it is recognized as a part but is not sold by them as a discontinued item. Haynes manual does not mention much on it at all if anything. This part is critical to me as a new one from GM is 300 dollars and if I could find a used one it would be wonderful.

On the 83 it was a Cash for clunkers trade and I found what I thought was the vacuum pump in the drivers fender as it had a small vacuum hose coming from it and a electric pump setup but when I tested it on a battery it only pumped air instead of pull or suck.

Can some one help me? A good discription of its location or what models realy had them and if possible even a picture would help hugely.

I hate to pic parts of either of the cars as both where in beautiful shape but as a C4C car both engines have been locked up and can never see the road again.

Thank you all in advanced to anyone who reads this topic even if you are not able to help.

04-14-10, 03:56 PM
Look in Jeg's or Summit and get a vacuum can (reservoir). Hooks into the intake manifold and "stores" vacuum as the engine runs (like when you take your foot off the gas at speed and manifold vacuum shoots up) and it will hold enough "vacuum volume" to power the brakes several times at slow speeds.

04-23-10, 04:10 PM
On my 85 the vacuum pump assembly is in the wheel well behind the skirt (you can't see it without removing the skirt). I don't know if the 83 will have it, I was under the impression they were introduced in the smaller cars that came out in 85. I don't know if the 93 still had it, since the 4.9 probably put out more consistent vacuum, but I assume so. Anyways you'll have to pull the skirt to see if one is in there.

Another option I have explored for my own car is an aftermarket pump. Some of the hot-rodders use pumps with cut-off switches to give them better braking. For example http://www.mpbrakes.com/products/product-detail.cfm?product_id=130