: Cargo box

04-13-10, 12:54 PM
Hi all!

Starting my first thread here, just picked up a 2008 White Diamond Escalade. Loving it so far!!!

I am considering getting a roof top cargo box. I have done some researches but still undecided. Nothing jumped out at me, except I guess the Thule is the most popular brand. Also saw other designs that looked great. Saw one that said it only weighted 16 lbs when empty, others are more like 50 lbs. How do you get it up there without breaking your back? :)

So many options...

That's why I am tapping the vast resource here for advice. Any insights, experiences, gotchas, will be much appreciated. I have never owned a cargo box before and I am just looking for extra storage space to go camping in. Not carrying ski equipment or golf clubs by any means.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

04-13-10, 01:59 PM
I have a thule X1 in my honda pilot and when I got the escalade, wanted to buy another thule for it. because I keep the cargo box permanent, I have decided to hold off. but there is particular model that fits the escalade oerfectly and keep it within 7'3" to enter the mall parking. thule ascent 1100/1500 and sprit comes to mind.

04-17-10, 01:50 PM
I am thinking about getting a Thule Terrapin. It's a hitch base cargo box.
I think the roof ones are too high to access or load easily.
I would only use it a few times a year for long trips.

04-19-10, 11:48 PM
Thanks for the insight.. appreciate it.

I do agree the escalade is high for having a cargo box on the roof. I am still not sure how I would put the box up there in the first place. :)

Will keep searching.

Happy Trucking!