: 3rd brake light not working...

04-12-10, 08:57 AM
So my 3rd brake light is NOT working...

what are the chances of it being the wiring? I only ask is because I have all my lights blacked out and I dont think the dealer will replace the 3rd brake light under warranty...

if it wont get replaced, does anyone have an extra 3rd brake light around?

on a side note... I had my service manager in the car last week, and I will be getting a 3rd gen diff as soon as it comes in sometime this week...

07-06-10, 08:57 AM
Did you ever get any responses to this? My third brake light just went out too. I'm not sure if it's worth taking it apart to see if there are any "user serviceable" parts in there or not, so would love to talk to someone who has troubleshooted (and hopefully fixed!) a non-operational 3rd brake light.

07-06-10, 10:36 AM
dealer wont replace it as they see it as a light bulb. find one on ebay or junk yard. thats the best bet.

07-06-10, 11:05 AM
It is caused by condensation.if you look real close you will see water on the inside.get ready to kick out 685.00 i just replaced mine 2 months ago.this is my third one.a friend of mines took a look at it and said they are cheaply sealed and i have him rebuilding this one so when this new one goes out i'm not kicking out 685.00 again.i have always wanted to put a rear spoiler on the v but the thought of having to remove it to change the 3rd light as often as they blow has made me back off the idea for the moment.

tommy compton
07-06-10, 01:30 PM
Go do a search on it in the regular cts forum. I did a write up on replacing the transformer and others a retrofitting LED's in there.

07-06-10, 08:41 PM