: Newbie - Motor Mount Install Issues

04-11-10, 08:35 PM

I have been lurking for a few months in researching the V and trying to get a handle on what the reliability of this model was and what the trouble spots were from a maintenance perspective. Great site and great posts!

So I finally found an 06 with low miles at a decent price and picked her up. Absolutely fantastic car! I have never driven anything like it - But I ran into my first issue:

So the motor mounts are bad and today my brother and I spent 8 hours (including 3 trips to the local tool store to find, among other things, a #10 inverted socket) and could not get the old bloody mounts out.

We were able to remove all of the upper and lower bracket bolts but could not get to the lower mount bolt to remove it from the lower bracket (or same for top) and consequently could not remove the unit from the maze of 'stuff' in the immediate area. (The car is stock and so I did not remove the headers / exhaust / starter / etc).

Just bolting the old one back in place was a PIA!

From reading the some of the posts, it seems some guys were able to remove the entire mount assembly (brackets still attached), or others were able to get to the bottom bolt to remove the assembly in sections.

Any ideas where I went wrong?

I was questioning how much I could jack the motor up (wood block between jack and oil pan) before something bad happened. Anyone have a measurement of how high relative to the strut mount brace the motor can go? (the car was lifting slightly during when I jacked the motor so I got worried)

P.s. We followed the write up(s) on this forum and further searching did not help. (Also I have the gray MM from CS)

I am thinking of bringing the car to the dealer and letting them have at it but I thought I would throw this over the fence to see if someone here could shed some light.

Any input is appreciated!

04-11-10, 10:14 PM
most of this has been answered alot...search more.

re: mounts, would say make sure there isnt something you could remove to get at it easier...otherwise good questions as i have these mounts too and plan to install soon.

04-11-10, 10:17 PM
Haven't yet had the pleasure of doing this, so consider this just "any" poast.

When you lifted the motor and the car lifted, are you sure it wasn't just the weight being lifted off the coil springs that made the car go up?

Also, I'm assuming you removed the strut brace before raising the motor.

From other poasts some months ago, guyz here were saying that they could jack the motor and get the MMs out without too much fuss. Are you saying this isn't working for you?

BTW, glad you like the car. ;)

04-12-10, 09:17 AM
Take off the manifolds (or at least the cats) and you'll make it easier on yourself.

The car will raise up because your taking the weight off the frame. That said, make sure you've take ALL the bolts off. On the block, theres 3 on one side and 4 on the other. Super long extensions are needed for this.
If you take the bottom inverted torx bolt out, you shouldnt have to raise the engine very high. As already stated, remove the strut brace first!

04-12-10, 05:20 PM
I never removed the strut brace and had no issues. For reference I remember looking at the strut bar and it was a hair away from the engine cover though. I also never removed the cats or starter. Are you following the install thread? Also for reference from first beer to completion was 4 hours by myself.

Oh and where are you located?

04-12-10, 05:25 PM
This is not a project I am looking forward to doing. Which is why I am puting it off so long. I have no shutter at shutdown, so they cant be that bad right? :helpless:

04-12-10, 06:53 PM
Thanks for the replies gents!

To answer the questions above:

- I believe it could have been the weight being removed from the springs that made it look like the car was raising.
- Yes sir, I was following the install thread
- Yes, by jacking the engine I could not get the mount assembly out from the immediate area (Note that with the responses above it sounds like I did not have the engine raised enough - so you may have better luck)
- Located in Ontario (right across from Detroit)

To be completely honest this is the first time I have been unsuccessful in an auto DIY situation so it was incredibly frustrating to admit defeat and put her back together.

So the combined 8 hours of car yoga (Today feels like I spent last night wrestling a bear) and the ever present thought of the car / engine falling on me and then ending up on some rescue TV show reenactment has prompted me to bow my head and have the dealer do the install, to the tune of $500 no less. (This is my daily driver)

Either way, I appreciate the responses and will update with my thoughts on the 'feel' of the grey MM from CS once they are installed.

Bye the by: CancerJCC 4 hours by yourself is incredible!

04-12-10, 08:17 PM
Ouch sucks to have to pay that price tag. I was asking where you are located to see if I could lend a hand but its a bit of a drive to Canada! haha As for my four hour install I was quite happy as well. But I think that the mod gods owed me one after the clutch "install" that I went through before hand!

04-12-10, 09:04 PM
... the ever present thought of the car / engine falling on me and then ending up on some rescue TV show ...Those are GOOD thoughts. It's the guyz who don't have respect for the gravitational attraction of mother earth and a nearly 2,000 kg vehicle with you in between that need to worry.

You should come over to meet up with some of us Detroit-area Yanks sometime this summer. :highfive:

04-25-10, 09:58 AM
Another South-Western Ontario fella here! Are you in Windsor? I'm in Sarnia. I also just picked up an 06 V about 3 weeks ago and I'm loving every minute of it. I noticed a little bit of vibration at certain RPM's and an unusual jolt at start-up. Had the mufflers chopped off the other day and while the car was on the hoist at the shop, I was nosing around under the car. My motor mounts appeared muddy (literally, looked caked in mud), but nothing else around them was similarily caked .... so I'm thinkin the mounts are shot, which is the reason for the vibration I'm feeling at 900 and 2200 RPM's and the start-up jolt.
Anyway...looks like we're in a similar boat man. Enjoy the car and nice to see someone local to me around here!!


04-25-10, 07:16 PM
Welcome to MOD HELL.

You made your own bed by being LAZY and not disconnecting and removing(:eek:) the exhaust. :tisk:

Take out the starter also, two bolts big deal.

Get the right tool(s) including a breaker bar and remove the entire mounting on both ends.

IT IS ONE BIG ASS JOB if you do it "right".

It is even worse if you don't have the right tools or try to take shortcuts.

Wait till you have to torch the nut off a spinning stud in a bad "replacement (vendor name deleted)" mount.:rant2: