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hey all im a proud owner of a 98 seville sls got it for a good deal with a blown headgasket i fixed her up but im only running on 7 cyl for right now because im getting no compression on cyl nmber 1 for sum reason still looking into it but here she is....

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:welcome: Welcome Aboard !!!

........now you can start doing a LOT of homework in the Seville, Discussion, and Northstar Performance threads.

Read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive up in the black bar ^^^.

No compression in one cylinder is serious, engine-damaging, and might be due to worn cam lobes or cam followers. No spark is wires, plugs, coil, or ICM (check the ground again).
Maybe a bad injector or injector electrical connector.

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chagy, meet submariner409 and Ranger, N* gurus. :thumbsup:

As for me, greetings. Looks like a nice car, should be sweet once she runs again.

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Welcome to the Forum! Hope you find the answer to your question.

04-11-10, 01:24 PM
thanks all. yea its a bit frustrating did all this work time and money and 1 cyl is giving me problems but she still runs hard for only being 7 cyl lol i try to limit my use of her so i wont damage her but its my only car. ima go to autozone and pull the codes see what i get. i would hate to pull this head off again so much work.

on a better note i just tinted her 35% all around and just redid the smoked headlights it had tints on em before looked a lil cheesy so i stripped em and re did them with black transparent spray paint headlights are drying as we speak. now all i need is a need front bumper and she will be mint :-)

04-11-10, 03:01 PM
You can "pull codes" with a brew and your key in your driveway. Read the entire sticky post at the top of the main Seville or Northstar Performance titled "How to pull codes". Practice - you only need the key ON, no engine running. Write them all down and note whether each code is Current or History. Do not "clear codes" yet. Exit the reading sequence by turning the key OFF for > 30 seconds. Now come back to the sticky post and open the link for your car - the one with "obd2" in the URL. Click on the blue line names in the Master Index box to find the definition of each code. Write 'em all down.

Some codes will self-clear after 40,50, or 100 start/run cycles during which the fault does not reappear. A Code goes from Current to History after 3 successful start/run cycles during which the fault does not appear.

DO NOT "Clear Codes" within 2 or 3 weeks of an emissions test. The OnBoard Diagnostic memory needs to set a "Ready" code for the test set. If that code is not present the car fails.

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Thanks a lot I will look into that

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Hope you get your ride up and running on all cylinders soon.

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Thanks all

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Greetings and salutations.