: Lowering a 01 STS

04-10-10, 06:49 PM
Hi all,

What is the best route to take to lower the 01 sts 1-1.5" around, and at the same time I don't want to sacrifice ride quality.


04-11-10, 03:54 PM
:sneaky: The best route ?? Don't.

johnny kannapo
04-12-10, 05:11 AM
Eibach makes spring kits for some of these cars that lower about an inch. They are well engineered for a mild upgrade having a progressive rate that adds about 15% or more stiffness after about 1 1/2" of strut travel. They also require additional geometry changes to the alignment & other suspension components will be effected. Thats about as easy as it gets if they make a kit for your model year.

04-12-10, 08:29 AM
I actually checked the Eibach site already and they only have springs available for the 98-99 STS...

04-13-10, 06:56 AM
Anyone here lowered one of these??

11-29-12, 04:06 AM
Did you ever get your STS lowered. I'd like to lower mine 1.5" as well.

11-29-12, 08:44 AM
It didn't work and he hasn't been in this thread in 2.5 years. See my reply to your other thread up in Seville.

For starters on the lowering attempt for a 2001 STS: "Don't".

02-21-13, 11:48 PM
Body Drop...