: 2009 XLR-V dealer brochure

Wayne Boots
04-09-10, 04:11 PM
I am looking for a 2009 XLR-V dealer brochure. Any suggestions? Thanks.

04-12-10, 10:34 PM
Some smaller dealers might still have a brochure or two. I would suggest call them to see if they do. I would call GM Cadillac Division to see if they can send you one. I don't have the number but you can get it by going to their website and getting the telephone number. Plus, they might have it still in their sales section - request for automobile brochure.

Good luck!

04-12-10, 10:35 PM
I forgot to mention, that if you are willing to pay somewhere around $10 plus shipping; Ebay will have a listing for it!

Wayne Boots
04-21-10, 09:14 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried several dealers and E-bay but no luck so far.