View Full Version : Oil pressure not reading

04-09-10, 02:00 PM
I just swaped out my oil pressure sensor and now its reading "---" do i have to have it reset with a tech 2?

I also have a message on my nav display telling me to service my air bag, it only happens every now and then, it doesn't stay on all the time. I have a little over 60,000 miles

04-09-10, 02:16 PM
You should not have to reset anything.

04-09-10, 02:30 PM
hmmmm.... I had the car running for about 10 mins and i never got a reading

04-09-10, 02:42 PM
You can troubleshoot:

Disconnect the connector to the sensor.

There are three sockets.

Jump a wire between two of the pins turn on the ignition and look at the oil pressure.

There are only three combination's and one of those will pin the reading.

Jumping #2(gray) & #3 (tn/wht) should pin the reading.

The other two will do nothing.