: Chevy Venture. The cooling fans won't shut off

04-08-10, 04:16 PM
I was hoping to get some technical help with a cooling fan issue on a 98 Chevy Venture, but the chevroletforum website just doesn't have that much activity on it. Do you know of a better website to gelp on this?

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P.S. Below is the issue...

I just acquired a 98 Venture with a interesting cooling fan issue. I say this because the majority of complaints of these vans is that the cooling fans don't come on until the engine is pretty hot. Not this one.

I suspect someone has modified the cooling fan circuit, but I'm not sure yet. Here are the symptoms and facts.

Both cooling fans run at full speed when the key is on the "off" or "on" position. In the "lock" or "acc" both the fans are off.

SES light is on with error code P1651. Engine coolant blower motor relay 1 circuit malfunction.

I tested relay 1 and it is good.

There is no evidence of tampering in the relay center , including the lower wiring section of the relay center. The PCM does not appear to be tampered with either.

Is it true that the PCM controls the cooling fans in the 1998 model year? If so, I wonder if the PCM is defective.

Thanks in advance.

04-08-10, 06:05 PM
No grounding issue? I know that's a common cause of pulsating lights, I wonder if the same could cause other electrical issues.