View Full Version : 2000 escalade, kicks back, starter grind

city wrench
04-06-10, 09:48 PM
I'm aware of the bullitin about the crank sensor and have replaced it with updated part. Had the vehicle in about 6 months ago for same problem and it had code for crank sensor, still would not start after updated ckp sensor replacement. Engine wants to kind of run on after cranking and letting go of ignition switch. We pulled plugs out and cleaned them and let engine set overnight. re-installed plugs in the morning and it started. Cured for 6 months.
it's back - doing same thing, grinding of the starter when cranking (no codes), running on, customer states vehicle will start one morning....and will not the next day. vehicle has proper fuel pressure, fuel pressure is holding & not bleeding down, spark, etc...i'm leaning towards a timing issue either with cmp or ckp(again)...something throwing fuel injection timing off or cmp - ckp correlation affecting spark - fuel timing. We were able to get it started the other day and it ran fine....cut it off and restarted several times and it did fine. let it sit for a half a day or a day and it does the grinding thing.
Can anyone offer help or suggestions? Has anyone heard of these ckp sensors going bad that soon? I know it's an electrical part and anything can happen...but

Thanks for your responses....

04-07-10, 08:30 AM
I know nothing about this engine but it does sound like a crank sensor acting up. The intermittent nature will drive you crazy. How long are they warrantied for? I don't even think they are warrantied a year. There is a reason for that. I always call the warranty the factory determined life expectancy.

city wrench
04-07-10, 08:40 AM
I appreceate your reply....I would think that a CKP code would have set like the first time if the crank sensor was going south. I'm going to hook up a Tech 2 to the truck and see if i can read the 1X and 4X signals to see if they are uniform also. But we all know, being mechanics that stranger things have transpired before....this one is just becoming a repeat hair pulling event.