: Latest nav disc??

04-06-10, 09:33 PM
Can someone tell me if the 8.3 version is the newest nav. disc? I think mine is like 2 years old, does the new disc have anything better? updates, colors?
By the way I am new to this forum just bought my Esky 2 weeks ago replacing my 2007 Gmc Yukon Denali

04-07-10, 06:50 AM
Welcome to the Forum :) My 2010 I just got has disc 8.3

04-07-10, 07:09 AM
8.3 is the latest disk. I had the original disk in my 07, and upgraded to the 8.3. Differences are a update of the nav system firmware, plus updated maps. The nav system now has some strange directions since the update.

04-09-10, 10:17 PM
Is the 8.3 version part number # 25853487?????????

04-27-10, 11:20 AM
my wife scrathed the cd and now I need a new one. Is there a way to copy it? or how can I get one for free from GM? please pm with ideas or solutions. Thanks!!

04-27-10, 11:32 AM
Try your local video game store , some have a machine that removes
scratches. It actually wet sands it. My hummer disc was scratched and
The radio wouldn't read it, tried all the online remedies like toothpaste
and brass cleaner . Nothing worked , video game place did it on the machine
for $10 and it worked great.

04-27-10, 12:33 PM
Is the 8.3 version part number # 25853487?????????

My case says #20883771 version 8.3

04-27-10, 07:30 PM
Thanks hcvone.