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04-05-10, 08:56 PM
We are new to the XLR world and WE LOVE IT! We purchased a 04 XLR down here in Atlanta this weekend. We CANNOT stop driving it! Is this normal? I cut the lawn, got in the car and drove around the neighborhood - just because! The car is super-nice but will be a daily driver for my wife (135 miles a day). It is certified as it still has the balance of the 6yr 100k warranty. Anything I should be looking at or doing in these last few months of coverage? Purchase another warranty? ANY help will be appreciated. OBTW - When is the next Rally down this way? My wife is ready to roll out and cruise!

04-06-10, 04:48 PM

Yes, there are a number of very active XLR afficionados in your immediate area. A gathering is in the planning stages for your area.

The only viable extended warranty is the GMPP offered by GM. Prices vary greatly, so shop around and take the advice of others who have gone before you. GMPP is the ONLY warranty that covers the electro-mechanical portions of the top. --The top being one of the more issue-prone systems of the car. Your car must be under warranty to qualify for the GMPP, so don't wait.

While this website has a TON of good Cadillac-related info, it lacks a large XLR owner base, (plenty of lurkers, but not as many posters to keep it hot) --especially when compared to the CTS-V section which I enjoy greatly. There are some great XLR forums online, which you can Google to discover for yourself. Cross-pollinate and add your knowledge here!

Now, get back in your car and drive!


05-08-10, 02:40 PM
We are new to the xlr world and wonder if anyone knows of a club or meet in the la, calif. Area