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04-03-10, 09:10 PM
I just made the leap from a 1SG STS to an Escalade and I just had a couple of storage questions. Where to you store the rear DVD headphones? Also, is there any place to store smaller items you would like to keep in the back? I am a bit anal about my vehicles, I like to carry a couple of towels and a cloth for wiping off various items. It seems you just have to leave them in the back on the floor.

I really liked my STS and miss the key fob entry system with the push button start. It seems a vehicle of the price of the Escalade should have these features. However, the Escalade really gives you a good feeling when you drive it (love the exhaust note).

04-03-10, 09:19 PM
What year do you have? Im a bit the same way, I just ended up keeping a small micro fiber towel in the back folded in the corner. Headphones in the center console. It would be nice if it had a push start (like my girlfriends Nissan Altima, not nearly the price of an Escalade lol) I've learned to settle for the key..... and the remote start, which I NEVER use.

04-03-10, 09:27 PM
2010, I guess I am not use to a vehicle with out a trunk. I guess I will have to buy some sort of storage bag. Also, I think I will take the tip on this site out the rear cargo mat.

04-03-10, 09:33 PM
Ya it's funny, for a vehicle of that size, it sure doesn't have much storage room. But I still love it. I love driving it 2 much to give it up for that reason.

04-03-10, 09:53 PM
I keep my headphones under the cup holder in the rear drivers side. If you pull up on the cup holder there is some storage room under there. Your jack is also under there

04-03-10, 10:16 PM
thanks, I will give it a try tomorrrow

04-03-10, 10:39 PM
i just bought a bag from bestbuy to hold CD/DVD, headphones and the remote. I also got 2 earphones that you can plug in the rear console when your passenger wants to hear the movie or you would want it to be quiet during long drives and use it to hear own music(kids).