: Fuel Guage & Range Dead

04-03-10, 10:30 AM
Hello Techies..
2007 Escalade Here.

Fuel Guage is Dead & Range Meter shows 000000. Replaced the Fuel Pump as
that is what the codes were saying to do. The Guage works fine on the self test while starting but then dies.
Does not show remaining fuel.

Can some one help as if I go to the dealership I wont have a car for a month.
Where and who should I be checking?


04-04-10, 12:18 AM
Check wiring at the front driveshaft for rubbing through. The gauge wiring runs through the harness that passes above the u-joint for the front driveshaft.

04-04-10, 02:46 AM
Left from or right front Axle?
What i am looking for is a step by step guide to check from the fuel pump all the way to the gauge. The old fashioned way.
A wiring diagram would greatly help. I know its a lot of work writing the procedure but you you would be saving an Escalade life. Help Conserve the Lade.

04-04-10, 11:03 AM
Not the front axles, the front drive shaft where it goes into the front diff. The harness rubs on the U-joint. and sometimes it just breaks the wires. That would cause the gauge to default to empty. Also check for codes. (possible p0463)

I've also had some sender issues. I'll try to get a schematic.

04-04-10, 01:43 PM
Checked. The wiring seems good. I guess I need the wiring diagram. That will help trace the problem.

04-04-10, 11:28 PM
don't you need the dealer to program your ecu to show you the range and fuel? when i had the dealer install the antitheft shock sensor, some of the DIC functions disappeared. after reflashing it with GM corporate, I got it back.

04-05-10, 10:37 PM
I tried to post the schematic, but for some reason it would not post.

04-06-10, 06:12 AM
E-Mail it to me please: