: Detailing tips... (requested)

04-02-10, 09:48 PM
After getting the car back from the shop with everything done(sent it for a checkup and they fixed some random nagging things), I spent all of the remaining daylight hours on the car's exterior.

I washed every inch of the car with some dish soap to take any wax off the car. Once all dried, I went to town with the clay bar. I don't think the car has had anything but an occasional wash (a few times a year tops) since it was new (2002 DTS). It was starting to get dark as I was finishing the last section of the car.

I'm planning on starting up in the morning with a application of some cleaner wax. Once that is done, I'm going to do a polish then finally a coat of wax.

Once all of the paint work is done, I'm going to have another round of the chrome polish on the trim (blue painter's taped off areas) and the wheels then a coat of wax.

Then I'm going inside for a vacuum. The interior is fairly clean, but from a week of driving, I've got some dirt. I'm going to do the windows and I also picked up a bottle of some leather cream. I've never done this part, but on an 8 year old car, the leather lacks a little of its shine and healthy look. The bottle's directions are to apply, work in, then buff off with a polishing cloth. Does that sound about right?

All of this work is going to be done by hand. No power tools. Since it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's I figure that I can have the car looking pretty good.

I know some of you guys are pro's and enthusiests who spend tons of time doing this and was looking for your opinions. The products that I have are just off-the shelf Meguirs stuff. I know this isn't the commercial/pro grade products, but I should be able to get a pretty decent quality job if I put the time and effort in, right?