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08-21-04, 01:57 PM
Were learning about the OSI and what not....but as some random burst out are teacher is telling us to make a physical model of Encapsulation (segments,packets,frames,bits)

Anyone have any recommendations??? This is strickly for understanding, he wants to know we understand it......I was thinking Tupperware actually, one within another and on.

08-21-04, 02:48 PM


http://www.scoca-k12.org/caswo/resources/presentations/540,5,PHYSICAL LAYER

Google can be your best friend :cool:

c5 rv
08-21-04, 07:48 PM
Tupperware with the super sticky type of post-it notes would work if you have only element in each larger envelope. You could also do it with a series of different sized envelopes. The envelope model also allows you to put multiple numbered envelopes inside each larger envelope.

I can relate, my job includes implementing trading partner relationships using EDI 270 & 271 transactions. If you don't have a WPC subscription, Nebraska's Medicaid Companion Guide is a pretty good example:


08-21-04, 08:07 PM
Google may be your best friend , guess I should read the post ......Pysical Model eh ???? Dooooooooooooooooooooooooh :bonkers:

Leggo ?

08-22-04, 12:58 PM
Envelopes were my first choice but overly used..........I was thinking of getting one of those styrofoam balls they sell at the craft stores.......cut it in half and they layer it...with flags (toothpicks) that would represent what data would be in it and such.......with the outer layer being the "Bit" part and the inner most being the "Segment".

c5 rv
08-22-04, 07:32 PM
Maybe those Russian dolls that open up and nest inside themselves. My wife has a little hammer with different screwdrivers nested inside the handle. Again, same idea.

Envelopes may be over-used, but that is the model used by network professionals.

08-22-04, 09:36 PM
^^ Yea, the simplist.....but the damn teacher wants all different ones.