: Led taillight for 2010 Escalade EXT

03-31-10, 03:56 AM

I'm looking for Led Taillight for 2010 Escalade Ext but i can't find it!!!
somebody help me!!!!

Is Avalanche's Led taillight fit for 07-10 Escalade Ext?

I beg your kindness!!!!!

04-01-10, 09:06 PM
Ive been looking for an answer to this for a while. Ive looked into getting a SUV tail light and making it fit into the EXT lense. Turns out Tahoe & Yukon people have been doing this but it take some work. A new LED tail light came out for the Chevy Avalanche which looks ok...i want more of the Caddy SUV look. People have put EXT tail lights into Chevy Avalanche with no problems... they said its a "plug and play" swap so im sure the Avy LED lights should work on the EXT. I was just waitn for a light that looks more like the SUV ones.

These are about $375.. they have them in clear,black,red, chrome

Here is what it looks like on a Avalanche


Hope that helped out a lil bit..... Let me know if you do get them so see how they look.

04-04-10, 10:51 PM

I'll let you know:duck:

04-05-10, 08:19 PM
Change out those VentShades to the intrack ones while you are at it!! --- Less window noise. Cleaner look..

04-27-11, 04:49 PM
Do you get any errors when swapping the Lights out?

04-28-11, 12:07 AM
I think matchn_toys needs to stop holding out. Man does he have the sickest leds on his ext. And his 3rd brake lights are sick too.

Matchn_toys im calling you out :)

Help me/us plz!