: Bolt torque specs for all things to do heads, cam, intake, and balancer inside.

03-30-10, 10:04 PM
Due to people asking me over and over, here they are in one spot so you guys can write them down.

This is for the LSA and LS9 engine only.

Camshaft retrainer bolts. "the cover that holds in the cam" 11lb ft.
Rocker arm bolts 22-25 lb ft. "33lb ft if aftermarket"
To do the rocker arm bolts, you move the crank to number one top dead center, then you tighten exhaust rockers 1, 2, 7, 8 and intake rockers 1, 3, 4, 5
Then turn the crank a full turn and do the remaning un tightend rockers, 3,4,5,6 and 2,6,7,8.

Cam sprocket bolts torque to 22lb ft if using the 3 bolt setup.

Cam cover for front of engine is 22lb ft

Aftermarket harmonic balancer bolt, 140lb ft

Supercharger base first pass 44LB IN
Supercharger base second pass 89lb IN

Same goes for the supercharger top cover.

Exhaust manifold bolts 11lb Ft first pass
Exhaust manifold bolts 15lb ft. final pass

Head bolts first pass 37 lb ft
head bolts second pass, 80 degrees
head bolts final pass 55 degrees.
SMALL head bolts at top 22lb ft after main bolts are torqued.

03-30-10, 10:18 PM
Thanks :)