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03-27-10, 11:51 PM
Hi there. Don't know where else to post this so here goes.

In 1999 I bought my first "real" home stereo. Probably slightly better than middle of the road at the time - Sony STR925 receiver, Sony CDP240 CD jukebox, and 2 B&W CDM7SE speakers.

Between work, kids, and everything else I barely have time to listen to it these days. But we just had a dinner party, everyone went to bed, and I was up doing dishes. Turned it on and man it rocks. Now I'm sitting surfing the net and listening to random tunes. (funny with the old CD jukeboxes you have to wait 10secs or so between tracks... how quaint!). Anyway I love the sound of this stereo. No surround, no MP3s, just a simple 2-speaker system that sounds great.

Thanks for listening. What are you running?

03-28-10, 04:20 AM
currently but thinking of updating a few bits

Marantz CD-72 (bought in 1992)
Cambridge Audio 640a Amp (bought in 2007)
Sony DTC-690 DAT deck (bought in 1993)
Kenwood FM Tuner (bought in 1992)
Wharfdale Diamond 4 speakers (bought in 1992)
Cambridge Audio interconnects (bought in 2009)
QED speaker cable (bought in 2002)

03-28-10, 04:46 AM
Old school Sony was great stuff. The company is dead to me now. RIP Sony.

03-28-10, 10:40 AM
I wouldn't buy Sony bits now, I'd only buy from a firm that only deals in HiFi
equipment now.

I think My next cd player with either be

The Arcam FMJ CD17


or the cambridge Audio Azur 650c


I will only ever buy black HiFi equipment, I can't listen to music on silver kit

03-28-10, 11:12 AM

03-28-10, 05:35 PM
Pioneer "Elite" VSX-D1S series receiver, Velodyne 15" sub, Snell towers with adjustable rear firing tweeters, NHT center channel, and Boston Acoustics surround speakers.

Bout time for my annual light candles with Pink Floyd "Pulse" non-stop DVD run. :yup:

03-28-10, 05:58 PM
harman kardan av445 receiver.

03-28-10, 07:32 PM
Great stuff guys. Remember when it used to be fun to research and buy electronics?

Now you just go to Best Buy, grab whatever Chinese-made product looks OK, and consider yourself lucky if it lasts more than 2 years!

03-28-10, 09:39 PM

Nice Marantz 2270! I have the slightly newer and better version (the 2275). It's currently working, but waiting on a refurb (new dial lights, replace all the electrolytic capacitors, and so on).

Here's a pic of my main receiver: a refurbed Pioneer SX-1080 (150W/ch at 4 ohms, which is the impedance of the Infinity Reference RSb speakers it drives):



The bedroom unit is a Marantz 2230 (30w/ch on paper, closer to 40w/ch actual. A real sleeper!) that has also been refurbed and refitted with the white LED dial lights:


It currently drives a set of Pioneer CS-R500 speakers.

03-29-10, 04:38 AM
for a second I thought you had that mounted in a fridge ! :yup:

03-29-10, 11:55 AM

Wow, Ranger, that Marantz looks like the one my roomate had in Vietnam! He also had a TEAC tape deck and a BSR turn table. I got really sick of hearing "Light My Fire" or whatever it was called!