View Full Version : 2" leveling kit or lift? Pics appreciated

03-27-10, 11:42 PM
Hoping one or more of you guys/gals had a pic or two of yours or someone elses Escalade with a 2" lift or leveling kit installed. Have been thinking about doing this for nothing more than looks. Have done the google and forum search to no avail. Any advice is also welcome. Thank you, Ryan

03-29-10, 08:09 AM
Did this on my 03', raised the front to be level with the rear, really never liked the way it handled after that, but looked much better.

03-30-10, 12:27 AM
hcvone, I left a note on your user page saying I needed some Zaino so I'll let you know here too. Email me please ryangseel@suddenlink.net

03-30-10, 12:29 AM
Still looking for pics if anyone has done this or has a picture or 2 saved. Thanks