: Navigation Compass Pointing in the wrong direction

03-27-10, 01:32 PM
Nav was working fine, now if i eject the nav disc to see the compass on the nav screen is shows as pointing south east when the truck is actually faicng north. The compass in the rear view mirror is working fine. So when i am driving the navigation is all wrong because it shows me as driving in the wrong direction on wrong streets.

Anyone else have this issue ? I thought maybe the compass fell out of its location and is not facing the wrong direction, but i dont know where the nav compass is located.

Does anyone know if the nav compass is inside the nav unit or if it is external somewhere ?

Any help is much appreciated !


03-28-10, 11:28 AM
Does it always point Southeast? The nav unit has 2 options with the compass. It can always point North or it can point in your direction of travel. Just touch the compass symbol once and it will change back to one or the other. Hope this helps.