: 2010 AWD Hybrid Mileage

03-26-10, 01:40 PM
I am an SRX and CTS owner and need something with a third row. For some reason Cadillac deleted that option for '10 SRX. My wife does all city driving and I am looking for info on a '10 Escalade Hybrid, but nowhere can I find the mileage. For the Yukon and Tahoe it lists both 2WD and 4WD as 21/22, but I can only find 2WD numbers for the Escalade. I hope this hasn't been addressed before as I tried to search the threads and couldn't find any info. Does anyone have a '10 AWD Escalade that can tell me what the mileage is? Does anyone know why they don't have numbers for it? I can build an AWD on Cadillac's website so it seems to be available. Thanks for the help.

03-26-10, 11:10 PM
I have an 09 hybrid, bought new last october. average mileage is 19+/20+ using the 4wd auto, it is a selectable knob with 2hi, 4auto, 4hi, 4lo and Neutral(for dinghy towing). the regular escalade is a fulltime AWD, the hybrid is not. EPA list is 20city/21 highway for 2WD, 4WD is not listed. hope that helps.

03-27-10, 09:11 AM
my esv with the 6.2 awd gets 19 on the highway. And it has 403 HP and no electric motors. Is the hybird really worht the difference in price?

03-28-10, 03:43 PM
my esv with the 6.2 awd gets 19 on the highway. And it has 403 HP and no electric motors. Is the hybird really worht the difference in price?

Yes, because your 6.2L ESV can't pull that same number or better in the city, where a Hybrid model can idle or drive around at lower speeds in full electric mode.

Depends on what you want. The original poster, 2wd or 4wd, the fuel mileage ratings are identical for Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade Hybird counterparts. Same powertrain, same 4wd system when so equipped.

03-29-10, 03:35 AM
It depends on what you pay for the Hybrid.
If you get a Hybrid for the same price as a conventional Escalade it's worth it if a lot of city driving is intended.
If you pay more, then you want to Calculate the MPG savings into the amount of extra money paid for Hybrid, to see when the break even point is, before you actually start saving money.
And consider, conventional Escalade milage in the city averages anywhere between 8-12 MPG.
So if the Hybrid gets 19-20 city, the saving or advantage is only calculated using miles "more" per gallon gained.
If the Hybrid gets estimated 250 miles more per tank of gas, that's about 12 gallons of gas or $35.00 saving in gas per tank full before filling up again.
If the price of the Hybrid is $2,000.00 more, it takes about 50 tanks of gas to break even before savings begins.
These numbers will vary and this is only a close estimate, but, it equals out to about 36,000 miles driven before seeing any saving in gas money.
Not saying it's not worth getting a Hybrid, but it does depend on the vehicle price and how long before savings in gas is realized in dollar value.
Simply something to think about. ;)

03-29-10, 11:23 AM
my esv with the 6.2 awd gets 19 on the highway. And it has 403 HP and no electric motors. Is the hybird really worht the difference in price?

what is your city mileage? 8's or 9's? no doubt about it, if the escalade is used 90% highway then it is worth getting the regular one. but if the use is 90% real life city driving then it is worth it. less frequent pump visit.

03-30-10, 03:19 PM
Thanks for the replies. I just can't figure out why there are no official 4WD hybrid numbers either on the EPA or Cadillac website being it is the same system used on Chevy and GMCs. My wife does about 90% city driving. It would be nearly impossible to make up the difference with gas alone in a reasonable amount of time (especailly if you do a net present value calc), but with the hybrid tax credit and better resale (which is the single biggest expense in owning a car, although it doesn't seem like the hybrid is much better), I am taking a look at it. I would really prefer if they put a 3rd row in the SRX as the Escalade is more vehicle than we need, but Cadillac has tied my hands.

08-02-10, 07:59 PM
I, and others, are not popping to pay a premium for the E Hybrid as gas prices are not considered "high" now and the new hybrids at my dealer were not moving. So I got it for about what I would have paid for a regular E (like my last three). Then I get a $2,200 tax credit and it is designed to burn regular gas as well as 0% for 72 months and 8 year warranty on the hybrid equipment.

My in town mileage used to be under 13 with the regular E as I tend to move out quickly. Now I am at 17.4 in town even though I punch the hybrid enough so no one waits for me. It is fun to sit at a traffic light without the engine running but the a/c, radio, electric power steering, etc. is all on. I had a friend not believing the tach so he got out and put his hand behind the exhaust pipe to prove to himself there was, indeed, no exhaust.