: Owner's Orientation Cassette Tapes (1990s)

03-25-10, 02:38 PM
There must be other owners here who would pay someone to dub the "owner's orientation" cassette tape which accompanied the Cadillac owner's manual kit for their respective year and model.

I, for one, have scoured eBay and have come up empty handed for more than a year now. It would be nice to have a tape dubbed from the original OEM for my '92 Brougham and '92 Coupe DeVille.

Someone could make a little coin dubbing them, yet I don't know what the risk would be of a copyright violation. (That said, I'd highly doubt Cadillac's legal department would litigate.)

03-25-10, 08:01 PM
I agree.

If there is anyone interested in making some extra fetti, I want the Gold Key Cassette for a 1989 Brougham. Dubbed is good enough, but sell me the original and you will have a friend for life.