: Rim/Wheel advice for 2010 CTS...

03-24-10, 05:38 PM
New to the forum and looking for rims advice for a black/black 2010 CTS.

Spent past two days cruising the underbelly of south San Diego (off the 94 freeway, a stone's throw from Tijuana...) at a few rim shops and came up empty handed.

Thought I was in business with a 19" web-like pattern (black pattern with chrome lip) but it didn't fit correctly.

Not too him to the rim game and furthermore, don't trust the shadeball characters who were helping me out. When the rim didn't fit, they were trying to steer me towards something else. I didn't dig that and didn't trust them.

Long and short, wondered what rims anyone on here might've put on their CTS. Also curious what worked best size-wise. I'm going 19" because I didn't want to impact the ride too much. 18s feel too small and 20s, too big.

Again, looking for something black with a chrome lip and was going to stagger the front/back.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for the time. - CB

03-25-10, 12:03 AM
You should pose this question in the CTS 08- Forum.

04-21-10, 07:03 PM
Just go with the 20s!!! Theres not much difference is looks or ride quality. The 19s will be tough to get tires or wheels in a large selection or respectable prices.

04-25-10, 05:22 AM
I got 18's on mine and plan on getting 20's. 19's look great on a CTS but the lug pattern and something else............Forgive me its 4am and I'm tired as hell..........Anyways the lug pattern and this other thing are rare to find with the CTS with 18's and 20's being more common its to easy to get a fix for each.