: xts

03-24-10, 05:00 PM
can anyone explain why the v8 will stop production and be replaced with the v6 turbo? I am a v8 cadillac driver for a long time. I am torn with buying now or waiting for the xts. will the v6 turbo give me the same feeling of power?

03-26-10, 09:09 AM
Assumibly the 3.6L DI TT will make 425 hp. A lot more than the Northstar V8.
From experience from the 2.8L double scroll Turbo, I can say, that the turbo lag is almost gone, the torque is ample and the mpg should be the same as the non-turbo. If you look at BMW 3.0L DI and DI turbo they list the same mpg.

Since the XTS is a comfort cruiser I wouldn't worry about the feel. But that's my opinion.

03-26-10, 09:21 AM
And the Northstar will stop production, because the efficiency is dated and it cannot be improved much more. Since modern V6's can deliver those dated V8 performance (the 3.6L DI makes 304hp opposed to the 320hp of the N*), the Northstar doesn't make no sense any longer.

There is a long discussion and speculation going on, wether GM cancelled the development on the new ultra-V8 (replacement for N*) or not. Typically a larger V8 will have more torque than a turbo V6, but nowadays the gap is getting smaller. It will be the question wether a new V8 is justified beside a 3.6L V6 DI twin-turbo delivering the gap below the 400hp 6.0L V8 with great mpg.

At first we will see the 3.0L Turbo replacing the 2.8L turbo, a development thought cancelled before and suddenly appeared anyway. As it will deliver more power than the 3.6L DI with at least as good mpg there is no other way than put a turbo on the 3.6L as well. But that's just my logic and speculation.