: Need your input!!! Best extended warranty????

03-24-10, 01:35 PM

I have an 07 ESV with 51K on it and want to buy an extended warranty that will cover me for the next several years and/or 100K. I've been hammered with offers and can't decide who is legit, decent and worth the money. I'm not even sure what is a fair price to pay at this point!!! Ugh!!! I spoke with someone at GM and they said something about Vehicle One but their prices were high, too.

Can any of you recommend a good company and a fair price to pay for a "bumper to bumper" type warranty until 100K or five years from now???

Any help is greatly appreciated!


03-24-10, 04:08 PM
Do what you can to get a GM extension I have used an aftermarket warranty and I hate them.. I like going to my dealer and telling him to fix it and thats it.. I was able to extend the warranty on my wifes 09 Malibu LTZ for 1100 bux 2 years and 24k miles

03-24-10, 08:06 PM
Everyone I talked to said the GM Major Guard (the highest level) was basically the best to get. Its as close to bumper to bumper as possible, note that no aftermarket warranty is going to cover everything the factory bumper to bumper did. Most aftermarkets always do no include anything around emissions stuff, lighting, lenses, fluids, gaskets (unless part of a fix), etc.

The GM Major Guard was the best and the cheapest, there are other high end aftermarket warranties, but they were usually double the price of the GM one and basically offered the same level of service.

For my 07 ESV I think I got it for around $1500 (I believe it was a 4yr and additional 36k miles). You can shop around, there are very cheap ones by legitimate dealers that will give you an "online" price.


03-24-10, 11:57 PM
Check here

Only problem is you let your truck go over the factory warranty of 50K.

I get GM's Major Guard before my factory warranty runs out. Major Guard is like making your truck a "certified" vehicle.

03-25-10, 01:39 PM
I have olympicare extended warranty. It was 2100 or so, and covers everything the major guard does. Im covered until 90k miles and 2014 or something like that. It was the caddi dealer that recommend it to me, so i kinda trust that, but i am still kinda worried about it though... haven't had to use it yet so im not sure how well it actually works/what it covers/customer service etc.

we will see...