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08-20-04, 03:22 AM
I have a 1972 472 with a quadrajet that is very hard to start cold. Someone told me it might be the plugs on the carb that need to be epoxied. Can I use JB Weld to fix them? I found an article on carcraft's web site showing a picture of the epoxy but it was applied to SIX plugs, not THREE like ive heard before. Can I apply this fix by just taking the carb off and turning it upside down, or do I have to take it apart again? The picture I found is http://www.carcraft.com/howto/57178/ on the right hand side if you scroll down a ways. Seems like two are in the very center of the carb in between the primaries and secondaries on little cylinders that are attached, two more are on little triangle shaped protrusions from near the primaries?, one is on the end of the carb on the side of the fuel inlet, and the other is kind of in between the fuel inlet and one of the primaries. Maybe this is a different quadrajet? I'd like to do this right on mine the first time so I only have to take it off (and apart?) again once.

08-20-04, 08:50 AM
You will have to take the bottom plate of the Q-jet to get to the plugs. You should epoxy all the plugs that the picture points to. I wouldn't use JB weld, just some of the clear 5 minute epoxy.
One way to check if it is the plugs that are leaking is to take the top of the carb off and look at the float bowl. If it's empty, or down a lot, there's a good chance that's your problem. Since you're taking your carb off anyways, now's a good time to check that, and possibly rebuilt or refresh your carb with new gaskets, float, etc.

Good luck!

08-20-04, 05:37 PM
Anybody know of any good books/manuals/resources on rebuilding & tuning quadrajets?

08-21-04, 05:22 AM
I've heard good things about "Rochester Carburetors" by Doug Roe.

08-23-04, 08:09 AM
Yes, that's a great book on Q-jets!

barge master
08-23-04, 08:56 PM
Caddydaddy,I was at Ocean Beach in New London last summer and saw a primered 69 Firebird with a 500 in it. It wasn't much to look at, but it had a roll cage and looked pretty set up mechanically. Ever seen that car around your way?

08-24-04, 08:00 AM
No, I haven't seen that car! I'll be on the lookout for it though!

barge master
08-24-04, 08:53 PM
Who knows where he was from. It was a car show/cruise night thing. I'm staring at the engine saying ''What the hell is that?'' Then it dawns on me, and I see this little sticker on the fenderwell from some Caddy performance website. Tried to find the guy but he was nowhere in sight.

09-02-04, 02:18 PM
I've heard good things about "Rochester Carburetors" by Doug Roe.

Just picked up the book. So far it's great. Thanks for the recommendation.