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03-22-10, 11:26 AM
I am posting this here since it is more about my Grandpa than my Cadillac.

My life changed 10 Years ago today (ok yesterday but I wasn’t near a computer all weekend). On a warm and sunny day, March 21, 2000. I opened the yellow garage door in South Minneapolis to reveal the most beautiful car ever to come out of Detroit (OK, I might be a little biased here). It was my 1975 Cadillac Coupe deVille. It was a great day as I was it was the culmination of a child hood dream. It was also a somber day as this was the last object to be removed from my grandparent’s house that they have inhabited since 1960. My Grandmother had passed away in January of 2000 suddenly, and my Grand father who was a World War II Navy vet was well into his 80’s and could not live alone. Prior to January of 2000 the house in south Minneapolis was a family haven. My mother had 6 siblings and my Grandmother was the glue that held us together. Anyone of us could walk into that house at anytime, the doors were never locked. There was always food to be had and a cold Mountain Dew in the fridge.

My Grandpa bought my Cadillac in 1992 as his 1977 Cadillac was rusted out beyond repair. I was there when he picked it up and I fell in love with it then and there. I was always obsessed with cars, but something about this car and my 11 year old mind; it became a part of me. This car brought me and my grandfather closer together. I would beg him to take it out of the garage, or take me for a drive. We would work on it together, and even though it was just another car to him originally, he realized there was something special here. He had 12 grandchildren, and he meant the world to us, but I feel this Cadillac represents a special bond that we shared alone. My grand father handed me the keys and the title immediately after we got back to his house following my Grandmother’s funeral. My Grandpa, who was a war hardened, depression era, Swedish man, handed me the keys and gave me a hug with tears in his eyes. It was moving, but even then his depression era ways kicked in. He said if, the car ever gives me troubles to sell it immediately. I knew that was never going to happen. My Grandpa was starting to show signs of Alzheimer’s and even though he had a valid license had not driven in four year’s as he felt his eye sight was too bad to be behind the wheel. Over the next three years I would Visit my Grandfather as often as I could, bringing the car with me as the weather allowed. My Grandfather passed away in February 18th 2003 surrounded by Family. The one and only time I ever drove it in winter was to escort him to his final resting place at Fort Snelling.

That’s the history and the reason why I love this car. Now in the last decade, I have put about 30K miles on this car. The paint continues to fade, and the rust is slowly taking hold of the quarter panels, but seeing it and driving it keeps his memory alive.


^ Here is a link to the story that ran in the local Cadillac club news letters in April of 2003

Enough of the sappy crap!


P.S. I will post my best pics when I get home from work today.

03-22-10, 01:01 PM
What a great story, and that's a beautiful Coupe de Ville. I think that's a pretty rare color. Would love to see it at the Minneapolis meet this summer.

03-22-10, 02:14 PM
She's a beautiful car, HJ. Love her, enjoy her, and keep her up as time and funds allow.

03-22-10, 03:24 PM
Good story behind that car, keep it forever!

03-22-10, 05:17 PM

^Pics Finally!

03-22-10, 06:14 PM
That's pretty cool. Somehow I can picture your Gramps cruising around in it.

03-22-10, 09:27 PM
My '76 FWB was the last car my grandfather ever owned, and I share your feelings about these cars.

c5 rv
03-22-10, 09:36 PM
Great story and CDV.

03-22-10, 09:50 PM
Great story! You need to bring that beast out to the meet this June! I've never ridden or sat in a 1974-76 Cadillac.

03-22-10, 10:04 PM
Where and when is this meet? I would be up for a meet.

03-22-10, 10:21 PM
Not 100% sure if it's gonna be late July or early June (95% sure late June), but it's gonna be in Minneapolis somewhere. Not entirely sure on a meeting spot & hotel for the out of towners. Follow this thread.


03-23-10, 09:32 AM
If it ends up at Ellingson, not sure I can handle the 3 minute drive from my house! LOL

03-23-10, 12:22 PM
love the color,Cerise. It's a pink Rqspberry color.
I had a Special Oder 1986 Lincolm Mark 6 in 1959 Lincoln Cameo Pink.
Took the factory 8 weeks to send to my dealer. It was a 1 of 1.
It's all over the web, usually under Sandy's Pink Lincoln

Safe drives !!!!!

03-23-10, 07:11 PM
beautiful car and really good color. I think that year Cadillac was in their prime. I had a 75 Eldorado with the 500ct motor. You really safe in that car if you had a wreck. man it looks good.

03-23-10, 09:01 PM
Gorgeous, car, man. What branch of the service was your Grandpa in? Mine was Army.

03-23-10, 09:10 PM
Gorgeous car, but better yet, the story is beautiful. Do you ever go to the Grand Nationals? The Suncoast chapter here on the West Coast of Florida is having our Grand National in 2012. We would love to have you down with your beast.

03-24-10, 09:32 AM
Gorgeous, car, man. What branch of the service was your Grandpa in? Mine was Army.

He was in the Navy, I forget what boat he was on though.

03-24-10, 09:34 AM
Gorgeous car, but better yet, the story is beautiful. Do you ever go to the Grand Nationals? The Suncoast chapter here on the West Coast of Florida is having our Grand National in 2012. We would love to have you down with your beast.

Iíve never been to a grand national. I should have gone to the one in Iowa, but I didnít. Someday I will, even though my car isnít a real showcar.


03-24-10, 04:07 PM
KC in 2010, Columbus in 2011.

03-24-10, 05:11 PM
And St. Augustine in June of 2012. I will probably go to the 2011 Grand National in Columbus. I will be driving up in my one and only STS.