: Who to buy from in Chicago Area???

03-22-10, 09:49 AM
Hello Everyone,

I'm in the market for an 07 Escalade. Just bought an 07 ESV for myself (in January) and want the shorter one for my wife. We are headed to Chicago for a short trip and I've been looking at Heritage and cadiauto.com (used Cadillac dealership). Any thoughts on these two places or others to look?

Thanks so much!!!

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03-22-10, 08:39 PM
Patrick Cadillac in Schaumburg is one of the larger dealers in the area (& now one of only dealers in the western suburbs besides Heritage). They have a big selection of new but I'm not sure about used. Lots of 2007's seem to be coming off lease about now. I turned mine in 2 months early & they were extremely anxious to get it even though GMAC didn't have any early out program going at that time (it was immaculate & only had 24K miles).
Just watch their high pressure tactics. Get everything finalized & in writing before you go to the finance guy. They like to add little gotchas :tisk:
The more I see what others are paying, I don't think I got a bad deal on my 2009 lease, but I just wasn't too happy with some of their tactics
If you want a contact name. PM me & I'll turn you on to my salesman (might be better than walking in cold).

Big Windy Ext
03-22-10, 11:17 PM
Heritage has treated me well . They aren't the cheapest , but seem fair . I didn't care for the attitude at Patrick . It could have been one of those days at Patrick . I have used all of the services at Heritage and have had nothing but good to report , not perfect, but they make an honest effort to be .

03-23-10, 01:05 PM
I agree with you that the attitude of some people at Patrick is at best "iffy". Although it involved putting up with their BS, I was reasonably happy with the two deals I did with them. However, their parts / service dept. is far more expensive than any other Cad dealers. Needed to replace an 18" tire on my 2007 due to a nail in the tread that was too close to the sidewall to be repairable. Patrick wanted almost $300 parts & labor. Had it done at Al Piemonte in St. Charles (right down the street from me) for $225. Unfortunately, GM yanked Piemonte's franchise during the bankruptcy & now they're peddling Chryslers & Jeeps. Too bad, their service dept. & Service Manager were spectacular.
When I first arrived in IL I took my 2003 Escalade that I had driven from Calif. to Heritage for an oil change & some stuff (parts of the car) was ripped off while it was there. Consequently, I never went back. That was a long time ago & I probably shouldn't hold a grudge since I'm sure everyone involved has gotten what's coming to them by now :tisk:.
Now that GM has announced they're reinstating some dealers, I wonder if Motor Werks out in Barrington will start selling Cads again? I've heard good things about them.

03-24-10, 11:43 PM
My dealer (Al Piemonte in St Charles) is no longer a Cadillac dealer; GM pulled the ticket from him last year among all the other cancelled dealerships; they're now a Dodge house.

I had some service work done by Patrick and was underwhelmed. Not that there were any issues with the actual work (routine maintenance), they just seemed unappreciative of my patronage. I felt that I was a bother to the Service Department with my small purchase.

I won't be going back.