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dead civic
03-21-10, 03:19 AM
tsup guys, newbie question, i just got my car back from the shop where they painted it and worked their magic on the skin... im amazed by what some polish or waxing can do for a car. i'm interested in maintaining my cars paint in good condition, but all i've known is gas station car washes.

i took a walk thru targets cleaning isle and i dunno what stuff to buy wax, spray detailer, different cloths and pads.

what do you guys use and in what order/ fashion are they aplied to achieve taht spreme shine. how often is it done? and does it have to be done everytime i wash the car?

03-21-10, 12:44 PM
I use this stuff...


It works great, and smells great lol.

You don't have to do it after every wash, it lasts for quite a while. I usually do it once every few months.

Apply a light coat to the entire car in a circular motion. Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes and wipe all the excess off with a dry towel.

03-21-10, 04:21 PM
dead, look up FlashMan's site - he's in the business of making cars look great.................there are other detailers and vendors in CF also - do some searching.

I'm not sure you want to use anything harsh or polishy on a new paint job..................

Flash man
03-22-10, 10:28 PM
Hi Dead Civic,

If you just got your car painted, its a good idea not to put any silicone (wax) on the car for about 30-45 days. The reason these body shops tell you to wait is because fresh paint/clear coat will have solvents that need to escape from the finish. If you use a wax (silicone) before the burn off time. The silicone will seal the finish and trap these solvents from escaping. Good idea to put the car out in the sun and it will burn off quicker and help cure the paint. You can use a non-silicone polish for now.

Let me tell you the truth about gas station car washes. If you take your car to a touchless or brushless car wash with no mitters touching your car. Then the soap that cleans your car is going to be an aggressive Hi Ph soap. Similar to Dawn dish washing detergent. Which means it strips wax. There is an option for a sealer wax, or hot wax option. I suggest using this when going to these car washes. The reason to use this type of soap is to get your car clean. If it is not aggressive enough your car wont get clean and you will complain. So, if you regularly use this type of car wash. Then you better hand wax your car more often, or use our Grape Gloss polymer spray wax detailer regularly.

Meguiars and Mothers makes good products, but they are hard to work with. All of our Waxes, polishes and compounds are easy on and easy off. They are Malco high quality Professional grade detailing products. Professional grade means, easy to use and outstanding results on the first application. Lets face it guys, Cadillacs are big cars. There is a lot of cubic feet to clean and wax. I want to wax and clean it once and its done.

We manufacture a wash & wax car soap called Deep Purple wash & wax shampoo. Its very different than the leading wash & wax soaps. The wax that is in the soap breaks and beads on the car after rinsing it, You can let it dry on your car in the sun and it rinses off with no streaking. The wax in the soap acts as a water softening agent. Also great for us here in hard water Florida. Your car will look like it was just waxed after washing it.

I dont mean to be long winded, but I thought I would just pass on some information. If you have any questions Dead Civic, feel free to ask. Thanks for the call Submariner.

Joe Flash man

dead civic
03-23-10, 01:32 AM
"wash & wax car soap called Deep Purple wash & wax shampoo" this sounds right for me? no real waxing after? where can i get this? local auto zone? what kind of cloth should i use with this?i saw a spray that said wax as u dry, is this the same except i only buy one as opposed to the wash and the wax seperate?

so what is a buff then i thought a wax was a buff? i'd surf the net but this place so many walls i'm lucky/happy to be on this :)

BTW i really apreciate you guys thanks.

Flash man
03-23-10, 09:33 AM
Hi DC,

Deep Purple is used as a bucket wash for your car. You put 1-2 oz in a gallon of water and use a sponge or a wool wash mitt to apply to the vehicle.

Grape Gloss is a spray wax and can be used on a wet car to help dry and wax it as you dry it.
It can be used on the paint and glass. Light mist and wipe with a microfiber towel or a chamois.

Buffing can be done with a cleaner wax, polish, compound etc. It can be applied and removed by hand or machine.

You can only purchase these products thru our website at www.flashwax.com. We are offering free product samples of our Brown Royal wheel cleaner, Grape Gloss spray wax, Deep Purple wash & wax and Aqua Gloss tire shine. Go up to the vendor section and click on Flashwax. You will find all the information about the free sample kit. Thanks.

Joe Flash man
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