: Hotchkis Sway bars (part #2284)

03-20-10, 01:25 AM
I just installed Hotchkis sway bars (part #2284) on my '04 XLR. The bars greatly improved the corning of the car! In order to install the rear sway bar (XLR 4.6 does not have a rear sway bar) I purchased the following from GMpartsdirect.com :

Link 20822934 2ea 20.57
Clamp 25933429 2ea 5.61
Bolt 11515775 2ea 2.64
Nut 11516078 4ea 2.64

Although specified for a Corvette C6, the sway bars were easy to install. The corvette shop charged me 3 hours ($200) to install the bars. I am glad I invested in the sway bars!

03-20-10, 01:52 PM
You could have done them yourself and saved some money... it doesn't take 3 hours... maybe one.


But they do improve the rear swing out on corners... a lot.

One side note... after about 8 months, the bushings on mine started squeaking... I haven't gotten around to lubing them yet, but just an FYI

Which corvette shop did you use to install them?

03-20-10, 06:48 PM
Chuck's Corvette in Honolulu, Hawaii.

05-08-10, 02:58 PM
Is this sway bar really needed and noticeable if you are driving the car normally.

05-09-10, 04:16 AM
I think the rear swaybar upgrade is a nice upgrade for the money. If you don't spend a lot of time driving the car hard, you probably won't miss it. For the occasions when I'm driving on curvaceous roads I like the way it keeps the car flat and allows me to push the car a little harder than I would have without it. I bought the C6 swaybar kit for less than $200 from gmpartsdirect and it took close to an hour to install myself, without ramps. Bolt-on perfomance mods are few for the XLR, and this one is a bargain. A torque wrench is the only special tool required.


05-10-10, 05:05 PM
As "CC" mentioned, there are not that many bolt-on upgrades for the XLR, which is one of the reasons I installed sway bars front and rear. The rear sway bar probably only engages and makes a difference when taking a turn at a much higher-than-posted speed limit, which I like to do on occasion. The rear sway bar increases my confidence when taking corners at higher than normal speeds. I also lowered the rear about 1 inch to match the front which I am sure helps on the turns - it also makes the car look sportier. I am glad I installed both sway bars even though I have few opportunies to take turns at high speeds since we have a limited amount of roadways here in Honolulu, Hawaii.