: Damn Body side molding gets caught on front door and snaps!

03-19-10, 10:38 PM
Man..... Today I go to open my drivers side rear door and hear a snap, look outside and the damn end of the bodyside chrome molding snaps. Upon further investigation, the passenger side door also on the cusp of doing the same thing. You can see in the pictures. Seems like the rear door moldings were stuck on too far up towards the front doors. Shouldve been back say another 1-2mm or so to keep this from happening.

To many matters worse it nicked a bit of the paint too, as well on the drivers side it lifted up the drivers side molding a bit so that will have to be pulled off and re-taped or something. But Im going to have to probably buy 2 rear ones which is about $140. I thought about maybe just shaving all the molding off but dont think it will look right, havent seen pics of Escalades without them.


03-20-10, 06:35 AM
is the truck under warranty .. if so I'd say its the dealers problem!!

03-20-10, 06:50 AM
Has your lade had body work done before??

03-20-10, 08:50 AM
Truck still under warranty. But I have doubts they will fix this. took a battle last time to get them to replace the interior chrome door handles that were peeling.

There bad been no body work on this truck. Paint meters show factory levels on all panels and doors.


03-20-10, 08:59 AM
I would take it to the dealer and if they don't fix it call caddy and tell them to get it done.. tell them like the dealer told me once.. "its not a Chevy" unless there has been some work there before it should be GMs problem

03-20-10, 11:45 AM
Will take it in then and see what they say, Im sure they going to attempt to saw some body work has been done and just refuse to do it. And Im going to probably waste 1-2days on this when I could potentially just fix it myself for about say $130-140 in the two rear moldings. But I will give the dealer a shot first, expectations are low though.


03-21-10, 10:10 AM
I think there is a TSB on this. Check out 2009 TSB Thread. Body side molding

03-21-10, 11:28 AM
Remote keyless entry - Transmitter inop --- TSB -08-08-52-005
Tire press light on --- TSB 09-03-16-001
Eng no crank - batt discharge/parasitic drain ----- TSB 09-06-03-002
front / rear door adjustment --- TSB 09-08-64-010
outside rearview mirror distortion --- TSB 09-08-64-011
body mounted weather strip replacement --- TSB 09-08-64-012
Rear parking assist inop --- TSB 09-08-127-001
Front suspension clunk/squeek/rattle/popping ---- TSB 09-03-08-006
front or RR door window binds/slow/noisy/inop --- TSB 09-08-64-015
front windshield wiper function --- TSB 09-08-43-002

Dont really see anything on body side molding. Closest one is the body mounted weather strip.

03-21-10, 05:49 PM
I just bought a 2007 ESV and the same thing has happened to the right rear door.

03-21-10, 05:53 PM
ess I'm not alone. I'm going to try the dealer approach.
If that don't work, well I will buy it myself and put it
On correctly.


03-22-10, 12:31 AM
My nieghbor had that happen on his ESV...dealer fixed it under warranty

03-22-10, 01:58 AM
My nieghbor had that happen on his ESV...dealer fixed it under warranty

I agree, others had this happen and Dealer will/should fix it.
It happens when the plastic molding expands in warm weather making it too long.
Then if the door is opened, the molding does not have enough clearance and catches on the other door. :helpless:

03-24-10, 08:02 PM
Update for you fine folks, I had a not so great experience with the cadillac dealer nearby a few months ago, so this time chose another one which is only 2miles further and brought it in, showed him the molding and the paint being nicked, he didnt even question anything, said they will put on new moldings (all 4) and also take it to the bodyshop to have that area touched up. Thats a dealer, almost like my Benz dealer.

Previous cadillac dealer treated me like I was brining in a Geo Metro.


06-01-10, 11:08 AM
Just had this happen to mine, gotta take it to the dealer.

06-01-10, 02:06 PM
Update on my above post. Dealer repaired mine under warranty last week with a smile.:yup:

06-01-10, 04:20 PM
Dealer told me to bring it in and they would give me a rental.