: Oil Amount Debate, Do you put in 7.5 quarts or less at oil change?

08-19-04, 02:11 PM
I know some members use 7.5 quarts when changing the oil and filter and some use no more than 7 quarts. I have always put in 7.5 quarts when changing the oil and filter as per my manuals. I was wondering why many only use 7. When I put in 7.5 quarts it puts me right at max. Is max really overfilling or ?. I just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.

08-19-04, 02:27 PM
I started a thread about this when I purchased my DHS about 6 months ago.


08-19-04, 04:04 PM
Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

08-19-04, 11:57 PM
Just changed my 94 eldo. put in 6 and filter, I have a leaker. I drained out just under 5 at the change, the check oil level message on the DIC had just came on a couple days ago. By the way I'm trying Castrol high milage 10w-30w this time.

08-20-04, 12:32 PM
I only put 7 qts. I used to keep it at the max mark and was using 1 qt. per 800-100 miles. Now with 7 qts. at oil chanage and I don't add till it drops off the stick or when the check oil level light comes on I have reduced usage to 1 qt. per 2000 miles. Max is over filled. The crankshaft counter weights will sling the oil and atomize it causing it to get sucked through the PCV and burnt. The 7 1/2 qts. is to guarrantee that it will not run dry at WOT with a 1g lateral force, so unless you take on ramps at WOT or run a slolum at WOT 5-7 qts. is just fine.

08-20-04, 01:42 PM
:coolgleam I started using 7.0 after finding these boards, no problems.

08-20-04, 03:01 PM
I used to put 7.5 and was constantly toping it off. Now I put 7 and forget about it till the next oil change.

STS 310
08-20-04, 04:43 PM
Really? Hmmm......... So adding 7qts has actually caused less "usage" of oil for some of you guys?

08-20-04, 04:47 PM
Seven for me and the un-opened 8th quart goes in the trunk. Been doing it that way for years.