: rented Infiniti QX with 300 miles on the ODO

03-18-10, 04:11 PM
it was fully decked out with 20s and navi. i felt like i was driving a pickup truck no confort in the suspension at all. felt slugish when taking off... no power... this was in san Diego CA and the thing felt like it was dieing going up the hills. no comparison to the Escalade. I have an 07 on stock 22s. the interior was ok.... more confort in the cadi..although 4 windows auto up and down was great in the CA weather ... navi was ok... but coudn't find alot of waypoints had to use hertz neverlost to find addy then input that into the infiniti navi.

bottom line... u get what u pay for...

03-18-10, 10:25 PM
I had an 06 QX56 and felt the power was a little less, but hard to compare that to the beast of a 6.2L engine we got in our Caddy's. I hated the Navi due to the fact its not touch screen, that damn joystick is a pain in the azz to select letters and what not.


03-19-10, 01:42 AM
How did you notice ANYTHING about the QX while driving on this perfect day in San Diego? :burn:
JK (I live here in SD)
I didn't read any complaints from you on gas mileage:)

03-19-10, 10:10 AM
well gas milage i really didnt worry about since i was there on business and did not pay for it....but anything is higher than my 07s milage...and btw the navi had touch screen.... BTW i LOVE SD!

03-20-10, 11:03 PM
my friend just leased a new QX56 (920mo 0down 39mo lease) after driving me nuts trying to talk me into talking him (confusing) into getting an Escalade or Denali... Then out of the blue he calls me up "I bought the Q" WTF? This is the guy i gave my 07SRX to and he and his wife loved it.. GM people from the getgo. He's owned 2 GN's, a GNX (433) a '04 Escalade '07 SilveradoHD diesel & a Turbo Trans Am and he goes Infiniti??
so what did i do after doing all the research on the Escalade?Denali? I go out and trade my '09 LTZ tahoe for a '10 Denali lol.. The Escalade would have forced me into a Divorce, this truck was close to it. My wife is STINGY man.. anyway, i haven't seen his QX yet, but he nearly shit lol.. Maybe we'll line em up and i can really rub it in?