: Setting up bluetooth phone in BLS wagon

03-18-10, 04:51 AM
Hi - more help needed with the technology please. I have a skype s2 mobile phone on 3 network. It has bluetooth so I have linked it to my BLS following the instructions in the infotainment manual and those that accompanied the mobile. The connection has been made and the car recognises the phone an the phone recognises the car. I can just put the phone in the boot or glovebox or indeed sling it anywhere in the car or just keep it in my pocket and make calls using the voice recognition system or choose to accept or decline incoming calls by the steering wheel buttons. That all works fine. However, I had expected my list of contacts stored in the phone to appear in the DIC and to be able to scroll through them but I just get the message 'phone book empty' displayed. Am I missing something? Is there a way to export the phone book from the phone to the car (or import the phone book to the car from the phone). Is it just that my pay as you go Skype S2 phone on 3 network doesn't support this function? Any techie out there know the answer to this one. Help and advice much appreciated yet again.
Cheers, Cailean

03-18-10, 02:48 PM
Have you had a look on SAAB forums ? I remember seeing something on there a while back. I've just got my iPhone linked in via a nokia Bluetooth kit. I still need to do the software update gm29 iPod interface so it will charge the phone

04-04-10, 08:14 AM
Dear Cailean,
I have a BLS TTDI1.9 from May 2009, with the same behavior - every thing via Bluetooth working, except showing and useig the phone book.
The problem was detected shortly: when the Bluetooth Rvision level of our Cadillac is to far (newer) than the one from the phone, there will not be availlable all funtionality.

I did change my mobile phone to a type which the Blutooth is at revision 2.0 - now I can show the phone book also on the 'DIC' - the phone book is reloaded on every new connection.
My mobile phone supports also voice commands - every thing works fine.
The BLS 2009 version supports also dialing by voice command - did you test that?
Best Regards, Rolf