: Lowering '07 EXT

03-17-10, 06:55 PM
New to the forum, Recently purchased a 2007 EXT.
Lots of great info here, I appreciate how helpfull you all are.

Ive been exhausting the search function for all of my questions, but Ive got a couple of questions I need some help with.

I was looking at the Mcaughys 2/3 lowering kit... However I noticed in some posts that the EXT sits even higher in the rear than the SUV.
I want to get a nice stance that hugs the 22's. Im thinking I am going to need to lower the EXT more than a regular SUV would need to accomplish the same look.

Can somone point me in the right direction on what I need to do and which kit is reccomended?

Your help is appreciated, - Aaron

Just a couple more things ill throw in this thread in case anyone has the answers:

Is there a particular Loc Pic that is the best/most effective? I want to be able to have full use of my Nav, and also play DVD while driving... as well as use my ipod. I see a whole bunch of different options, just looking for direction.

Im looking to trade my 22" stock wheels for a set of 22" Denali Hybrid wheels if anyone has a line on that...

03-17-10, 11:24 PM
Hope this helps out a little bit....A 2/4 Drop is what you really should do for that level look.


If you have any questions.... hit me up

03-18-10, 12:31 AM
thats exactly the look im going for... your truck looks great man

can you reccomend a kit/company for the 2/4 drop? does it retain a similar ride quality to stock?

03-18-10, 05:26 PM

The kit I have is a Spring Tech 2/4 w/shock extenders for the air ride. The front is lowered with 2in lowering drop spindles and the rear is 4in lowering springs with the extenders. I belive the kit started off as a 3/4 drop but I told them I didnt want the 1in lower springs for the front...so i could get the more level look. This kit goes all the way to a 3/5 but you lose your air ride due to replacing your shocks with lowering shocks.

The ride will always change when you change things around. It does ride a lil more stiff due to the 26in rims and the back of the truck is more stiff than the front after the kit install.... but it is what it is...if you dont want your factory ride to change then keep it how it is. Factory set up is alway soft/confortable. I dont mind it... and in some cases (hard turns and while towing) it handles alot better IMO.

Anywayz.... let me know if you need any more info

03-18-10, 10:22 PM
thanks man, I am going to go that exact route.