View Full Version : Replacing Front Wheel Bearing Assembly

03-16-10, 02:49 PM
After 159000 miles my left front wheel bearing are starting to growl. I have the new hub assembly for my 2000 STS. Any advice on what to do when replacing it? Will the old hub just pull off the spindle/drive axle? This is my first attempt at replacing a hub assembly on a front wheel drive.



03-16-10, 04:34 PM
The old hub SHOULD just pull off. Sometimes they get rusted to the splined axle shaft. If that happens, have an assistant hold the flat end of a ball peen hammer on the end of the shaft while you give the ball end good whack with a heavy mallet (not a framing hammer). That should sheer the bond.

03-17-10, 05:30 PM

Now I know why you get paid the BIG Bucks. When I read your email I was just at the point where the Hub Assembly was supposed to slide off. So I followed you advice and after a few whacks the hub fell off. Funny how it goes back together so much easier than it came apart.

Thanks, for your EXPERT advice.