: 1998 Eldorado ETC Suspension Replacement

03-15-10, 02:55 PM

Just bought a low cost, lower mileage, Eldorado ETC for my daughter to drive. Motor and tranny seem strong but "service ride" light is on. After reading several threads on this I think I just want to go with an aftermarket passive suspension kit. I see two companies that seem to have kits with resistors to fool the dummy light into going out. As I am looking for a satisfactory ride but not perhaps a high performance deal - these kits are about $600 for front and rear. Any advice - I guess a true fan would repair the system but it sounds expensive and complicated (shocks tend to leak, compressor burns out, sensors go bad etc..) Again any input would be appreciated - Thanks

03-19-10, 09:52 AM
The entirely passive suspension kits from Arnott or Strutmasters are perfectly satisfactory IF you accept the fact that the suspension will be nowhere as flexible (road condition-wise) or sophisticated (active electronic control) as the OEM. Any good suspension shop can do the install and 4-wheel alignment (necessary). Remember that a passive suspension cannot compensate for loads in the rear seat or trunk, so the load capacity of the car will be compromised. The kits should include the dummy plugs to bypass the suspension control sensors, so the light(s) should disappear after the installation.