: 2010 Escalade 18" wheels & magnetic ride control

03-15-10, 12:19 PM
Hi everyone

I am considering purchasing an Escalade, but wanted to know if one were to put the 18" wheels on a luxury model (with magnetic ride control), would it ride the same (or similar) as the base car with 18" wheels and no magnetic ride control? My wife prefers the ride of the 18" wheels as compared to the 22" wheels. Thanks for your help.

03-16-10, 09:36 AM
I talked to the district sales manager about this very question, he said it may take him a week to get an answer, but he would get an answer and why for me.

03-17-10, 01:35 PM
I have a 08 escalade with 22"wheels and 09 escalade with 22' wheels.09 escalade with magnetic ride control rides a lot smoother than 08.
What i have been seeing on 08, when you first start driving it shakes till it warms up for about 2 miles.

05-02-10, 09:25 PM
Just an hypothesis, but it would seem that the programming in the stabiltrack module or suspension control module would be wheel/tire/hub weight and tire response specific particularly since MR fluid is so quick to react. I was told I had to change those modules to use MR shocks on the 2007EXT but that might have been because the length/frequency of the pulse sent to the shock is so different between regular electronic shocks with selenoid valves and MR shocks. It maybe that on a vehicle with MR significantly changing the unsprung weight and tire softness would cause the MR shock to respond too quickly resulting in a harsher ride. I would be very interested in hearing the actual answer and theory behind it.

05-03-10, 07:00 AM
I am still waiting for an answer on this, I have received two totally different answers from two different Caddy engineers. :(

05-03-10, 02:22 PM
I wondered about this too for the winter

10-06-12, 06:41 PM
Reviving this old thread. I'm looking at putting 18" wheels with 275/65/18 Bridgestone Revo 2's on my 2012 Escalade Platinum. Came with 22" stock. I assumed I could switch down to 18's for the winter no problem, but now after reading this and other threads I'm wondering if there is an issue with magnetic ride control. Has anyone who has magnetic ride control switched from 22's to 18's, and if so did you have any issues? One thread someone stated according to GM you cant run lower than a 22" on the magnetic ride models. Surely that isn't correct is it?

the blur
10-06-12, 08:16 PM
I run 18" wheels all winter long, and OEM 22" wheels all summer long on my 2011. Rides much better with the snow tires on. But I do not use the factory 18" size tires. I used the size that matches the 22" OD.

10-06-12, 08:44 PM
I too have run the OEM Bridgestone P265/65-R18 tires on OEM 18 inch wheels for the winter on an Escalade that was equipped from the factory with 22 inch wheels, and have no issues with the ride, handling or magnetic ride control.

10-08-12, 06:57 AM
As said there is no issues with running 18's, I have do it for years now in the winter