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08-19-04, 12:36 AM
In my previout post, I had a problem with a rough running engine after the removal of my dist. I bought a new cap and rotor, spark plug wires, and had the engine timed. The dist. assembly would not fit in right so the timing was always off. The vacuum advance feature kept the dist from rotating enough for the timing to be corrected. The wires where rotated once to remedy this, and it was settled to 22 degrees at 1600,(as opposed to the reccomended 23 degrees at 1600). The engine ran great at first, in gear and out. I purchased a new vaccuum hose that ran from the carbon filter to the gas tank. The previous one was broken and had never been attached since I have had the car. I used carb. cleaner from Kragen(Schucks, Advance) that came in a red bottle. This was used to get rid of all the black resudue from all of the detonations when the timing was off. The instructions where followed according to the can. When I started the engine it ran fine, but when in gear it idles VERY low. If the gas is depressed too much too fast the engine will die. I thought it was the idle screw to the right side of the carb. (if looking from the front of the car) but that only changed the Idle when in park. Any other gear and it would die. 1979 DeVille 4bbl 425ci(7.0L). Was it the Carb cleaner or what? Any suggestions appreciated! I love caddys, but this ones giving me trouble too damned often! :confused:

08-27-04, 04:48 PM
If you have points, did you check your points? My Olds would run fine during idle. But when you stepped on it, it would want to bog out. Turned out the points were shot. I doubt the carb cleaner messed you up.