: 1957 Dusty Rose Paint

03-14-10, 08:12 AM
:confused:tj.twinspinners@internode.on.netHi guys this is my first time on this forum so i hope im in the right spot.I am in Australia and i own a 1957 series 62 coupe the paint code for the body is 48 duty rose,the only problem is that i had a formula sent from dupont in the U.S. for this paint for some rust repair sections on the car and the paint did not match.The paint they mixed up was alot darker with a metal style finish,the problem is it matches the paint chip which i have for the code 48.I have seen other 57 cadillacs with the identical body colour as mine on the net and the colour they say is dusty rose and my car is the factory colour as the engine bay still has the origanal paint.Can anybody help me with the formula for this colour? and is there more than one dusty rose for the 1957 cadillac with the code 48,being in Australia nobody has any idea and they cant even match it with one of those electronic paint matches.