: 62.7 mpg

03-13-10, 05:37 PM
I decided at the last minute yesterday to go and see the Dave Matthews Band in Birmingham yesterday, so I 95% filled the BLS and set off from Manchester just before entering the motorway while sat at the lights decided to reset the onboard puter and see what mpg I could get. Decided to take it easy as I had a bit of time before show time so sat when possible just doing 60-70 mph. Checked the puter and it said I was doing 54 ish mpg but just before I got to birmingham checked again and I saw 62.7 I have pic on my phone which I'll get off tomorrow. Now I reckon I could have got better but the autobox wouldn't change up to 6th when in road works while doing 50mph it would sit in 5th. I need to do a bit of research to see if there's anything that can be done to the gear box to make if work better.

03-13-10, 07:55 PM
Good figures, but I wonder what you normally get?

The best I can get with my 1,9d (150) Auto wagon with 1500 miles on the clock at present is about 47mpg. Running average is just 44mpg with mostly motorway miles. Not as good as I had been hoping.

I too notice that even when using the manual mode the auto box still changes down to 5th at a speed when I think it could coast along nicely in 6th. My previous car didn't have the computer. Since getting the BLS I spent a lot of time trying to get best mpg I can as a kind of challenge by driving as smoothly as I can with gentle acceleration. It is almost an unhealthy obsession.

03-14-10, 05:44 AM
Hi All.
Yeah, that 6th gear thing really pisses me off!! I just don't see the point of a ' manual ' box that won't let you select the gear you want?!?
I don't quite understand why we have sooo many options on the gearchange anyway. Auto on the stick, manual on the stick AND manual on the wheel?
My mpg is only 36.6!! That is with the wife driving to and from work and short journeys. I thought I would be seeing a few more mpg!
The other option I don't get is why anyone would press voice command,then say "cd player" when you have a cd option on the touch screen at your fingertips? I must admit, I find some of the options a bit strange. I would rather skip all that nonsense and have heated rear seats or electric headrests?

03-14-10, 06:21 AM
here's the picture

also why does it have to be doing 40mph before you can go into 4th !

03-21-10, 03:19 PM
I am currently averaging 40 m.p.g.(180 auto).and am pleased with that.Only 1100 miles so far so it could improve.Slightly better than my 27 m.p.g. Mazda.
However the Mazda will do 149 mph and 0-62 in 6.6 .Which is the best car--neither!!!!Wonder why I have driven the Cadillac most recently?It`s so comfortable.

03-26-10, 09:42 AM
Just to let you know that the Semi-Automatic Manual shifting in the CTS and the SRX doesn't let you shift up or down outside its programmed limits either. I only use it to downshift to brake on the engine and be in the lower gear to get out the corner better. Otherwise it is just a superfluous feat.

So it's a Cadillac thing and not limited to the BLS.